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You choose the site.  Could be the beach or could be a park.  Provide 2 hours per session for $350.  Each additional hour at $50 each.  You get over 70 professional photos and a private link to view.


We all love our fur babies.  Photos can be taken at your choice of location.  1 hour session for $250.  You get 25+ professional photos and a private link to view.


Looking for an inexpensive alternative?  I prefer outdoor weddings.  You get a 3 hour session and 100+ professional photos for $500.

Music Events

Invite me to your event.  Are you a performer?  I'll come to your gig and get the action shots.  The session would be at least 2 hours for $150.  You get 50+ professional photos along with the private link to access.


This includes a 1 hour session for $100 plus $50 for each photo selected.  You choose if you would like a backdrop or outdoor scene.

Photo Booth

Photo booths are a great addition to any party.  It could be a birthday party (youth or adult).  Just about any occasion!  The session would be 2 hours for $250.  You get the link to share with guests.

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Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.


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